Are You A Criminal…?

Are You A Criminal…?

Yes you are, if you are absurdly wasting your youthful years.

I think the age between 18 yrs to 28 yrs is one of the most important 10 years in the life of a person. This is the time you have double the bubbling energy, enthusiasm and vigour than in the childhood or in the older age. With this sparkling strength you can shape up your Life and Career to a great extent by dreaming, deciding, deserving and doing what you are supposed to do.

On the other side, if these 10 years are wasted mindlessly in petty things in life, without any dreams and goals, without any clarity about future, without focussed efforts and passion for life, you are rightly heading towards a bitter part of your life. It is really very sad to see young kids spending all their time in drugs, alcohol, movies, porn, useless time-pass, etc.

If you are wasting all your time, energy and efforts by indulging in things those are not really important for your life, then you’ll realise the importance of youth only when it goes away. You can wake up in the later part of your life and realise that you’ve wasted all your young age doing nothing useful, but it will be too late to get back and set things right in your life.

Wasting these amazing youthful years in life, doing nothing meaningful is the Biggest Crime. If you are, then yes You are a Criminal.

Being young is such a wonderful thing, that’s the right time one could really define their Life Purpose, Dreams and Goals, start working towards achieving that in life. No one knows what tomorrow will bring, but you have a choice today. That choice will be something you either look back on fondly, or do so with deep regret in your heart instead.

If you make that right choice today, you will never regret in your future.

Action Point: Take a quick stock on where most of your Time, Energy and Efforts are going. Check if that is really worth spending during these youth years in life. If not, take quick corrective action and bring back your life into a purposeful one.

With Lots of Love,
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Don’t Do What You Love To Do

Don’t Do What You Love To Do.

Yes, when I said this to a group of employees, the Training Manager who hired me to conduct a Performance Enhancement Workshop started wondering. He never expected this from a Performance Coach like me in a workshop like this.

You’ve been told that, if you do what you love, then money, name, fame and everything will follow. Have you come across this quote attributed to Confucius “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”, may be in Facebook, forward e-mails or in the presentation slides used in a Seminar. Many speakers use this without even understanding the deeper sense; ask them are they doing what they truly love? Most of them might not even know the answer.

8th Chapter in my book “Become an Engineer, Not Just an Engineering Graduate” is titled “How to Do What I Love to Do?” and here is a short passage from the chapter.

“It’s common to say, “Come on, just go ahead and do what you love to do. If you do it the best, everything else will automatically follow”. In reality it is not that simple and easy. This is a new age crap, uttered without thoughtful thinking. No, doubt, doing what you love is fantastic, but venturing into something with no clarity is certainly not advisable. Doing what you love can inspire great dedication and sense of meaning, but sometime if you are not fully prepared, it could be a great disaster for your career.”
- Pg.No. 80, Become an Engineer, Not Just an Engineering Graduate.

The chapter goes on to detail out from own life experience in moving from Engineering to HR as 10 Steps Approach to Do What You Love to Do”.(Click Here To Buy The Book)

Aspiring to do what you love is wonderful, but having more realistic representation of what’s possible for you is important to consider before making any career decisions.

Action Point: Try to find what is your true passion and what do you really love. But don’t jump into it without knowing your relevant knowledge, skill, ability and economical viability involved in doing what you love to do.

With Lots of Love,

You only get one chance to live

You only get one chance to live.

Life is all about unpredicted twists and turns. Life isn’t easy or life isn’t too hard either. It’s based on how we take life and move on with our decisions.

It’s important to understand that life’s challenges are not to paralyse you; instead it is to help you discover who you really are. Get ready and prepare yourself to take life head on.

After 8 years of working in some of the leading technology companies, when I decided to move from Engineering to HR, I was bombarded with criticisms. Of course it was all from sincere well wishers, who could not see the future that I was envisioning. Again after 4 years, when I decided to quit my high paying HR job to start my Transformation Company – Mastering Mind Academy many were even cynical about it.

I was clear on where I am heading, because I knew that I am moving inch by inch closer to my Life’s Purpose.

Often times when you take bold decisions, instead of appreciating or supporting, you’ll be bombarded with criticisms. May be the intentions are really good, while they are unable to understand your stand point. But what is more important is your clarity about your life and appropriate decisions.

You can live a life of 100 years old and still not truly live a day in your life. So, decide what are you going to do with your life, the opportunity you’ve got only once.

Action Point: Try to find answers for these questions. “What is my life’s purpose? Why was I born and what am I going to do here? What is my unique talent? What is that I can do better than anyone else? How can I use it to lead a meaningful life?”

With Lots of Love,

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I don’t think there is anything called “Smart Work”


I woke up this morning thinking about May Day/Labour Day/Workers Day for 15 straight minutes. Then I realised, this day is not just for Workers but it is for everyone in this world who does something or other in their life.

Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sisters who work for better families, Employees who work for making better organisations (I am not saying Managers don’t do), Officials and Bureaucrats who work for making a country better (I am again not saying Politicians don’t do), they all deserve to be respected not just today but every single day.

Much before all this May Day festivities, in our eastern thinking we said “Work is Worship” and called it Karma Yoga. It goes to the deepest sense of mankind and talk about self less service, manifestation of human power, ability along with nobility in intentions.

This May Day, make sure you wish surplus health and sufficient wealth for every one you meet today to continue their good work and also pray for all possible limitations if they do bad work.

I don’t think there is anything as Smart Work; one should only Think Smart and Work Hard.

Happy Working…!!!

With Love,


First Step is Your Self Belief

Self_BeliefBased on my personal life experiences and experiments, I really do believe that, it is very much possible for one to set his or her own goals in life and achieve them. The most essential quality for a person to achieve anything in life is “Self Belief”. Only difference between great achievers and you is that “First Step”, which is your Self Belief. If you don’t believe in you and your abilities, then who else will believe you in life? Great gurus like Swami Vivekananda, Peter Drucker and James Allen had spoken about Self Belief, some call it Self Confidence. What you achieve is largely a matter of what you believe you can. You can very well say Believe = Achieve.

Here are some steps through which you could build your Self Belief.

1. Listen to Yourself

First important step in building your self belief is listening to yourself. In order to listen, you should start talking to your self. Psychologists call it “Self Talk”. Self talk is the process in which you talk to yourself and give some auto suggestions, good or bad. May be you might have already done this at times before taking an important decision or before your interview or before proposing your loved one for the first time. Check carefully to see what are you telling to yourself. Are you saying things that are self limiting, things that put yourself down or are you saying positive things that will pump up your spirit, energy and enthusiasm? Listen carefully to your inner voice which always alerts you at critical times. Again Psychologists call it Gut Feeling, Instinct or Intuition. Read more Here.

2. Love Yourself

Do you love yourself for what you are, who you are and how you are? Many many young people are totally misled by the companies that sell personal products and beauty care items, that they don’t look good, they are not worthy and not confident. As said by the great Martin Luther King, “what matters most is not the colour of your skin, but the content of your character”. Make conscious decision to start loving yourself, limit your self criticism and be kind to yourself.

  1. Enjoy your own company.
  2. Be happy and feel good about you.
  3. Treat yourself with great love and utmost respect.
  4. Feel you are more worthy and most deserving.
  5. Look for the positive and good qualities in yourself.
  6. Focus on those great qualities you love about yourself.
  7. Have a great belief in your own abilities.
  8. Have a positive regard and respect for yourself.

Kiss yourself often to appreciate yourself.

3. Be True to Yourself and Lead a Honest Life

Being true to yourself is very important to believe yourself. Don’t ever lie to yourself about your thoughts, feelings and emotions. Be 100% truthful to you. Even if it is negative don’t try to suppress, instead acknowledge them as it is. Being true to yourself also means that you’ll communicate your feelings truly to yourself and people around you, allowing only the truth to flow through you. Easy and simple way to be truthful is to remove all your hidden agendas and tell the naked truth. It will be very very difficult to be transparent and let others see your feelings without wearing any socially acceptable masks. It takes lots of courage to be true to yourself, which in turn will lead to you being fully true to others as well. As you practice this, your thoughts, feelings and emotions will get greatly purified to noble ones, you will be gradually filled with good things in life.

Well, if you’re true to yourself you’re going to be true to everyone else. – John Wooden

4. Think about What and Why, don’t worry about How

Are you always worried about how am I going to do this? Yes, ordinary people are always thinking about the ways of doing things, the problems and the difficulties they will have to face. But great people do not really worry much about the how part, instead they find much stronger What and Why and then tell to themselves “I don’t know how, but I am sure I’ll find out some ways to achieve my goal”. So, don’t really be concerned about how you are going to be what you want to become, anyways you’ll learn the how part along the way as you progress. But, be more concerned about what and why. If you get that right, your self belief levels will go up and automatically you’ll get or you’ll invent new ways of how.

Only by systematically cultivating habits that will allow you to connect with your deeper senses and feelings, by bringing greater awareness about yourself, you can establish a strong connection to yourself, which in turn will lead you to your powerful “Self Belief”. As you very well know by now, “Believe = Achieve”.

Practical Tips In Search of Happiness

InSearchofHappinessEvery morning when I say, simple and plain “Good Morning” to my family members, neighbours, colleagues and people I meet, I always I get dull and boring replies. Once I thought of doing some experiments with this, started with a more powerful, energetic “Good Morning” with a big smile. Surprisingly the replies I got were also of the same nature.I realized that, Happiness is NOT what you search in others or through others, but it should blossom within ourselves.

When you transmit energy, enthusiasm and happiness surely people around will also reciprocate the same. May be the sceptical ones could take time longer time, but it is worth doing this. If this sounds too philosophical for you, here are some practical tips that could bring better results in your search of happiness.

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